Hard Won Wisdom

In my 50s, I look back and realize nobody cares what your job title is or isn’t. Nobody cares what you own. Most people around you don’t care what you think or know unless it benefits them directly.

What matters is the close relationships you develop where you help each other grow and support who you are. The people who do that are the ones to keep in your life.

My goals have changed. I still grow. I’ve learned you need to keep some of yourself instead of giving it all away. Knowing who you are is a journey not a destination.

Remember the dash on your tombstone stands for how you learned to be your best you and develop real, caring relationships. Money and status doesn’t count.

Thoughts on moving and change.

I hate moving. From the time I was in and out of the dorms at IUP, it wasn’t a beginning. It was an ending. Something to grieve not celebrate.

Having moved several times in the past 6 years, I haven’t learned to love it…yet. Seems I just get settled then I’m uprooted and off to another place to live.

I want to be settled. With fabric and sewing machine on my craft table, I want my mess. I want my mess to be left for more than overnight.

Change means, I’m working hard to define myself for the last time. Reinventing yourself is hard work. Give me mindfulness. Give me emotions I know and are no longer unfamiliar. Give me pleasures that I really get lost in and want to do again. Give me friends who can relate to my journey. Give me Jesus.