Simple sewing projects for beginners

I like the pj pants idea. Drawstring waist or elastic waist in a favorite flannel pattern. What’s not to love?

Along that line, I helped my niece sew a lace skirt with an elastic waist. The lace had purple bats on it and was perfect for the costume she wanted: a dead ballerina. I wanted her to learn to work with any type of fabric.

A tunic in a batik print, which had no buttons or zippers, was a project I did with my niece when I was teaching her sewing. A jeans skirt, cut from her old jeans, with the batik gathered across the bottom completed the outfit.

A book called How to Make Clothes really inspired her. It had a disk with a program to generate patterns the exact size you needed. She didn’t do all the pieces but showed her enough to know she wanted to go to a charter high school for fashion design.

After graduating in Fashion Retail from college and working as an assistant manager of a boutique, she now works for a major retailer in the corporate office.

You never know what kind of seeds you plant.